Inspection Audit


For pharmacies, opticians, dentists and osteopaths

We offer a pre-emptive inspection service.


Because we’re objective, neutral and supportive, you’ll be going through a safe dummy run of what your regulatory body will do, and do everything we can to help you to achieve a better than “satisfactory” outcome.   You may have less knowledge of what gets people into trouble than you think – so for the cost of one FTP Support consultant day, you will reduce the potential costs and disruption associated with fitness to practise inspections and investigations.

Our consultants use their experience of healthcare regulatory investigations and decision-making to inspect your premises prior to any formal inspection by your regulatory body.   We mirror inspection of compliance to the required standards and provide a report which details how you are performing against the required standards.  This allows you to take action to remedy any issues prior to the formal inspection, and improves your knowledge of compliance and fitness to practise.

Case Study

Mrs Mughal owns ABC Pharmacy in Stockport, Greater Manchester – an independent pharmacy.  She receives a letter from the GPhC stating her pharmacy will be inspected in accordance with the GPhC’s new inspection model, in the next four to six weeks. She believes her practice meets the required standards, as she has received no complaints from patients – but she’s aware that as she is in the pharmacy on a daily basis hers may not be an objective assessment.  She contacts FTP Support for help.

Our consultant arranges to turn up on-site, unannounced, in the next two weeks. When there, the consultant mirrors the actions of a GPhC inspector, speaking with pharmacy staff and reviewing the pharmacy’s practices and procedures.   The consultant uses the GPhC’s “Evidence Bank” and “Inspection Decision-Making Framework” documents which set out what “good” looks like in a pharmacy, as the basis for the FTP inspection.

The consultant provides Mrs Mughal with a full and comprehensive report, grading the pharmacy as “poor”, “satisfactory”, “good” or “excellent”.  The report risk-assesses areas that require improvement before the GPhC inspection, and provides documentation to enable Mrs Mughal to improve the pharmacy’s safety and effectiveness in delivering its services.


Mrs Mughal approaches the GPhC inspection with greater confidence; she understands the process having been ‘walked through it’ by FTP, which in turn improves her engagement with the GPhC inspector and increases her chances of obtaining the best inspection results possible.