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You are under Review

If you’ve received notice that your fitness to practise is under review, then we can help.  We represent everyone because everyone deserves it – no matter what the situation, or what you may have done, we’ll listen and understand, and we’ll offer you immediate support, guidance and expertise.  You’ll have a named person there to help you when you need them – we don’t restrict support to office hours, as we know that most people whose work is regulated don’t work office hours!

We can help

Because we understand the regulatory services, we understand the structure and processes, and have the most up to date expertise in a rapidly changing environment; we can offer you help regardless of where you are in the investigation process.

The right support at the right time

How we can help you

Typically, we can determine from the facts and circumstances how best to present your case; read and assess any evidence against you provided by your regulatory body; prepare a written response to any allegations put to you; communicate directly on your behalf with your regulatory body; attend formal hearings with you as your representative and if legal representation is required, this will also be supplied at our entire discretion.

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Called to a Preliminary Hearing?

If you’ve been called to an Interim Meeting we can help you prepare to get the most out of the meeting, without exposing yourself to risk.  And, if you’re unrepresented, our expert can attend the Interim Meeting with you, to ensure you get the chance to explain your side of things clearly and fully.

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Fees are charged by the hour and typically the work takes around four hours – it won’t break the bank. So don’t let an inspection into your fitness to practise ruin your life – contact FTP Support now and you’ll be talking to one of our experts within the next 60 minutes.

I need help now!

If you contact us between office hours, we'll contact you within 60 minutes.

If you contact us out of office hours, we'll contact you the next working day.

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