Organisational Support

A helping nurse

Developing clear referral criteria

Having a consistent, accurate and up to date form to use when considering referrals to your regulatory body will speed up decision-making, and reduce complaints from staff about being mis-referred.


We can develop a bespoke form for your use to enable your staff determine whether or not a matter should be referred.  You benefit from our knowledge of the regulatory bodies’ relevent “Threshold Criteria” and interim order considerations.

Picking up ‘overspill’

Sometimes you have an increase in cases and need support in progressing these.


We can quickly take over your ‘over spill’, by liaising with the regulatory body, forwarding them evidence from the case file, and assisting with the progression of the cases.  This can include our obtaining a list of your fitness to practise cases and checking and managing the progress of those cases with the regulatory body.

Case review

Our full and comprehensive review of your current fitness to practise cases will identify any themes emerging, which will enable you to identify any training, management development, or supervision needs.

Facilitated practice meetings

Using dialogue-based early resolution options can be very effective as the GMC discovered. 


FTP Support can set up, manage and facilitate practice meetings of this nature, particularly useful if a registrant is unrepresented or where there are newly trained case examiners with little experience of these types of meetings. Or we can develop your internal provision. This less formal, but structured and managed meeting, encourages earlier sharing of information to improve the quality of information available to case examiners when making a decision at the end of an initial investigation.


By using a mediation-style meeting the regulator can understand the issues of a case early and improve its chances of disposing of it prior to a formal hearing, which is often time-consuming and expensive for the regulator.  This early sharing of information enables the regulator to better understand the case and determine the most appropriate course of action to protect patients and maintain public confidence.

Approptiate sanctions